Holistic Skin Care and Body Waxing

Tracy Fleming, Owner/Aesthetician/LSO/CLHRS

Tracy holds an Esthetician License from Vogue Beauty College in Austin, Texas. Tracy distinguishes herself from other skin care practitioners by using a holistic approach to skin care. She looks at the whole person including lifestyle choices, health history, nutrition, personal stress factors and spiritual self care.

She elicits from her clients a dialogue about their concerns and provides wellness counseling to help them enhance their overall health. An individually-tailored treatment is the result of how Tracy designs her approach to skin care for each client: to improve the skin from both the inside out and the outside in, dealing with the source of skin problems --- including aging skin --- so that healthy skin is the final product.

Tracy is a Senior Laser Operator and also Laser Safety Officer (Facial massage, full body waxing (including guyzillians and brazilians), brow shaping, extractions, masques, and essential oils are currently offered in her softly aesthetic facial room. She can be reached at 512-464-1257 or via e-mail at tracy@beautifulmellc.com.