Holistic Skin Care and Body Waxing

About Us

Beautiful Me LLC, locally owned, homegrown and operated since late 2005 by Tracy Fleming, native of Austin. She is also an Aesthetician (16+ years), Certified Senior Laser Operator (CLHRS), and Laser Safety Officer (LSO). Tracy was recently chosen as a "Leader Representing the State of Texas in my Industry" by Women of Distinction Magazine.

My mission of Beautiful Me is simple...to help others feel beautiful, both inside and out. Beauty occurs deep within the soul, mind, body and spirit. I offer treatments and "daily counseling" services that help others feel not only more beautiful, but also more confidentā€¦.therefore, changing the world, one person at a timeā€¦.Beautiful Me.

Beautiful Me continually demonstrates limitless wellness possibilities achieved as specialized, award winning spa clinic and treatment center.

Beautiful Me is known for their uniquely customized treatments, attention to detail, and individually tailored approach to skin care. Improving skin not only from the outside in, but also inside out. Beautiful Me provides an experience where treatment begins and ends as a result of indentifying the orgin of such problems as aging skin, acne, rosacea, etc. Also offered are holistic face lifts (TAMA patented microcurrent technology), superficial to medium depth chemical peels, skin tag and cherry angiomas removal, laser hair removal, IPL (photo facials), face and full body waxing, lash and brow tinting and more.